Sketchy Maze

"a drawing-based maze game."

Sketchy Maze v0.10.1 Released

A new revision of Sketchy Maze has been released!

This is a minor release that brings the following new features:

  • Level progression and high scores in Story Mode.
  • Auto-save for the editor in case of unexpected crash!
  • Color picker UI to more easily choose colors in the editor without worrying about hexadecimal codes!
  • Invisible Warp Door doodad has been added.
  • Several built-in levels have been revised for difficulty. These levels were created during earlier versions of the game and weren’t updated when the player character and platforming physics were changed, and some platforming sections were difficult with touch controls.

There are a few smaller fixes and improvements, see the change log for the full details!

Download the latest release for Windows, Mac OS or Linux!

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