Sketchy Maze

"a drawing-based maze game."

v0.12.0: the Azulian Tag Update

A new beta release of Sketchy Maze is now available. This release brings a lot of new features to the level editor, such as a Text Tool and Flood Fill Tool, and adds a couple new levels for a game mode called “Azulian Tag.”

In Azulian Tag, the player who is “It” (that’s you) needs to avoid being tagged by the enemy characters, most of which are Azulians. The Azulians on these maps have an infinite aggro radius and will chase after the player no matter how far away you are! To get the gold medal high score, you need to find the secret exit hidden in each level. Otherwise, you’re awarded a silver high score based on how long you survive until one of the Azulians catches you!

Azulian Tag

New Level Editor Features

Some new drawing tools are added:

  • The Text Tool makes it easy to stamp text messages onto your level, choosing from one of the built-in fonts (including the Azulian language font!) and using any of your level’s colors.
  • The Flood Tool implements a paint bucket to replace contiguous regions of your drawing with a new color.
  • The Pan Tool lets you easily scroll your level viewport with your left mouse button or finger swipe on mobile. This is especially useful for devices with touch screens so you can avoid accidentally editing your level when you just wanted to scroll it!

New Game Rules can be customized on your level to change the game’s default behaviors, including:

  • A Difficulty setting that can adjust the way enemy mobs behave. On Peaceful, enemies ignore the player and do no harm. On Hard mode, enemies become more aggressive, such as the Azulians having an infinite aggro radius and run at the player at level start!
  • The Survival Mode rule changes the meaning of “high score” for the silver medal tier: you’re awarded for how long you survive before dying rather than how quickly you beat the level. On these levels, the gold tier for finding the Exit Flag unscathed is still awarded for fastest time finding the flag.

Download the latest release now or see the change log for full details.

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