Sketchy Maze

"a drawing-based maze game."

v0.13.0 Released

A new major update to the Sketchy Maze beta has been released! This update continues to improve on performance and stability with a new file format for Levels (& Doodads) which greatly reduces memory use when playing large and colorful levels such as Azulian Tag - Forest – down from 1.5 GB of memory to closer to 200 MB, making these larger levels playable on lower power devices.

Your existing levels & doodads created with earlier versions of the game still work! The update is backwards compatible and your files will be transparently upgraded to the new format on its next save.

Screenshot of the start to the Jungle level (v0.13.0)

This release also comes with a lot of new content:

  • Swimming mechanics:
    • The water pixels on your levels actually do something useful now!
    • When the player character is wet, swimming physics apply: gravity and jump speed are slower, and the jump button can be spammed infinitely in order to “swim” upwards a small amount. Hold the jump button to ascend slowly, spam it to ascend more quickly.
    • The Azulians can swim, too! By default they’ll sink and walk along the bottom but if they are tracking the player character they will swim up to catch you.
  • 4 new levels:
    • The Jungle (First Quest) - a direct sequel to the Boat level, it’s a jungle and Mayan themed platformer featuring many of the new doodads from this release such as Snakes, Gemstones and Crushers.
    • Gems & Totems (Tutorial, Lesson 4) - a tutorial map showing how the new Gemstones & Totems work in a safe environment.
    • Swimming (Tutorial, Lesson 5) - a tutorial to explore the new swimming mechanics that come in this release!
    • Night Sky (Azulian Tag) - a third installment in the Azulian Tag survival mode levelpack!
  • 11 new doodads:
    • Blue Bird: a new variant like the Red Bird, this one flies in a sine wave pattern about its target altitude and will dive at you from a greater height.
    • Snake: a green snake that sits coiled up and always faces the player. If you try and jump over it, it will jump up to try and catch you. It is harmless to other Snakes but will still jump with you.
    • Crusher: a block-headed enemy with an iron helmet which tries to drop on you from above. Its helmet makes for a safe platform to ride back up like an elevator.
    • Gems & Totems: four collectible gems (in different colors and shapes) that slot into Totems of a matching shape. Totems may link together and require you to collect multiple gemstones before they’ll emit a power signal to other linked doodads (such as to open an Electric Door).
  • 5 new wallpapers:
    • A dark version of Dotted Paper and 4x new Parchment Paper wallpapers are now available (the latter come in white, red, blue, and green varieties). As always, you may select a custom wallpaper for your levels if you like!
  • New brush pattern: Bubbles! The “water” color of each of the game’s default palettes will use the Bubbles pattern.

New doodads including the Crusher, Snake, and gemstones

There are a handful of other changes and smaller features which you can see on the change log. Head over to the downloads page and try out the latest release today!

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