Sketchy Maze

"a drawing-based maze game."

Sketchy Maze v0.7.2 Released

A new version of Sketchy Maze is released today that brings some new features and some new content.

Grab the latest version on the Download page!

New Levels

Two new levels are added in this release:

  • Desert-1of2.level: a desert-themed level with platforming segments as you climb the outside of a pyramid.
  • Desert-2of2.level: inside the pyramid. This level is full of puzzles involving the new Box doodad.

These join the previous three Tutorial levels that earlier versions came with.

New Doodad


The Box can be pushed left or right by the player character or other mobile doodads, and it is affected by gravity. It is taller than the player character, so can make a useful platform to reach a higher ledge.

Other Changes

  • New brush pattern: Perlin Noise
  • New default color for the Colored Pencil palette: Sandstone (solid) - uses the Perlin Noise pattern.
  • Scroll the editor window slowly by holding the Shift key.
  • The Doodads window is now opened by the Q key instead of D in the level editor.
  • The WASD keys can scroll the level editor in addition to the arrow keys.
  • Levels and Doodad files get compressed for a filesize savings of ~84% on average! Tutorial 2.level shrank from 2.2M to 414K.

See the Change Log for the rest.

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