Sketchy Maze

"a drawing-based maze game."

Sketchy Maze v0.8.0 Released

A new version of Sketchy Maze is released today that brings several new features, new doodads and new levels!

Grab the latest version on the Download page!

Some highlights of the new release include:

Doodad Editor Improvements

Using only in-game tools, it is now fully possible to create custom doodads (including multiple frames of animation), attach and manage their JavaScript sources, and there are a few built-in “generic scripts” to give simple behaviors to your custom doodads all without you needing to worry at all about writing any JavaScript code!

For example, you can create your own “hazard doodad” that kills the player on contact (acting like fire pixels) by selecting the “Generic Fire” script.

All Characters are Playable!

In this release you can set up a custom level so that you play as a different character instead of the Boy!

To set this up, drag a Start Flag and another doodad of your choice into your level, and connect them together using the Link Tool. When the level starts, you will play as that doodad!

All of the built-in creatures are fully supported (including the Bird, Azulians, and the Thief). The Bird can travel freely without being affected by gravity. You can play as non-creature doodads, too, sometimes with strange effects. Play as the Anvil and you can kill mobile doodads by “jumping” onto them!

Only mobile doodads tend to collide with most things such as Doors and Trapdoors, and only mobile doodads can activate Buttons and Switches.

New Doodads & Levels

The new doodads in this release include:

  • The Thief is a character which can steal items out of the inventory of other characters. She does not steal items from other Thieves, except if she is the player character.
  • The Anvil is affected by gravity and becomes dangerous to all mobile doodads when it is falling. When not falling, the doodad is completely harmless and has no solid collision hitbox.
  • The Electric Trapdoor is a horizontal version of the Electric Door which can open and close when activated by a Button or Switch.
  • The Checkpoint Flag remembers your position in a level. When you die to fire pixels or Anvils, instead of restarting the level from the beginning you can teleport back to your last checkpoint and carry on!

See the full list of built-in doodads in the Guidebook!

Two new built-in levels are added:

  • Castle.level: introduces the Thief and other new doodads.
  • Thief 1.level: play as the Thief and steal Small Keys from the Azulians to complete the level.

See the changelog for complete details and head over to the Download page to grab the latest release for Linux, macOS and Windows.

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