Sketchy Maze

"a drawing-based maze game."


The Guidebook site has lots of screenshots of the game sprinkled throughout, but here are a collection of interesting ones all in one place.




Screenshot from the “Zoo” level in the Tutorial levelpack.


Screenshot from the “Shapeshifter” level in the First Quest.

Screenshot from the “Boat” level in the First Quest.

Screenshot from the “Castle” level in the First Quest.

Level Editor

Level Editor UI

Level editor viewing the Azulian Tag - Night Sky map.

Doodad Tool

Drag doodads into your level.

Palette Editor

Customize your level’s color palette and properties.

Doodad Editor

Doodad Editor

Doodad sprites can be authored in-game.

Doodad Properties

JavaScript sources can be attached or exported in the Doodad Editor.

Mobile GNU/Linux

Sketchy Maze supports ARM 64-bit mobile GNU/Linux devices such as the Pine64 Pinephone (Pro) and the Purism Librem 5. The screenshots below were recorded on Mobian with its default Phosh desktop shell. The game should run on any bog standard Linux distro running something like KDE Plasma Mobile, GNOME Shell, Xfce, and can run normal Linux apps.

I try and make the game generally functional, if only a little awkward, on mobile. The game’s popup UI windows are kept under a certain size, it should run on screens with an effective resolution of 375x750 like the Pinephone.

Title Screen

The title screen is adaptive for landscape and portrait oriented phones.

Landscape Titlescreen

Portrait Titlescreen

Mobile Gameplay

The game adapts when you rotate your phone.

Landscape Gameplay

Portrait Gameplay


The level editor is usable on mobile. If your screen is wide enough, the toolbar shows double-wide columns but will adapt to a single column to give you more screen real estate to edit your drawing.

Landscape Editor

Doodads window in the editor

Portrait Editor

There’s also a setting to make the toolbars go horizontal instead of vertical, it might or might not work for you:

Landscape mode horizontal toolbars

Portrait mode horizontal toolbars

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