Sketchy Maze

"a drawing-based maze game."

Register your game

Sketchy Maze is a free (shareware) game and is intended to be fully functional in its free form, but for buying the game and supporting its creator you can unlock some additional features to make custom content and modding much easier to do.

The notable features that registering your game will unlock (as of v0.10.1) include:

  • The ability to publish and play levels which embed their custom doodads inside the level file for easy transport to “just play” on another registered copy of the game.
  • And by extension, the ability to play a custom Level Pack which embeds custom doodads.

Where to buy it

Since the game is still in beta, I’ll give you an activation key if you give me any amount of money for it. When the “1.0” of the game launches, it will have a page on for a more structured storefront but for now I have a couple of options for you:

If you have any questions, you can reach me at Also, check out the Discord server!

Buy once, free updates forever

The way this is going to work is that you buy the game just one time and get free updates to the game for as long as I find it interesting to develop. The early releases will be inexpensive and will go up as the game gains more features and popularity, so early adopters can get in on the later updates for a lower price!


The game is activated by selecting a signed “license key” file and validating it completely off-line. If the game accepts your license key today, it will do so forever – it’s yours.


When I start to discover license keys leaked onto piracy websites, I reserve the right to have future releases of Sketchy Maze block those keys going forward. The license key would continue to work, forever, on previous versions of the game that accepted it before.

Keep your key for yourself and it’s yours forever and gets free updates forever.

In case of key rotation

In the unlikely but not impossible scenario that my “signing keys” for license files were stolen, a future release of Sketchy Maze would need to install new keys which would render all previously issued licenses invalid. In such an event, all existing customers with valid license keys will be entitled to an updated license that would continue to work with future releases of the game.

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