Sketchy Maze

"a drawing-based maze game."

Register Your Game

Sketchy Maze is 100% free to play as a shareware game, but purchasing the full version will unlock additional features.

As of release v0.7.0, registering for the full version of the game adds the following features:

  • Publish your custom levels, doodads included! If you are using some custom doodads to design your levels, the Publish feature allows you to easily share your level with others: all custom doodads will be attached directly into the .level file, so you can send your level to your friend and it will “just play” on her computer, as all of its custom content is included!
  • Play custom levels which have attached doodads: the full version of the game is needed to play such levels which were published with their custom doodads attached to the level file.

Status: Coming Soon!

Options are currently being explored in terms of payment provider to begin selling full versions of this game. Until then, friends & family get free license keys.

Buy once, free updates forever

The way this is going to work is that you buy the game just one time and get free updates to the game for as long as I find it interesting to develop. The early releases will be inexpensive and will go up as the game gains more features and popularity, so early adopters can get in on the later updates for a lower price!


Upon registering for the full version of the game, you will receive a “License Key file” which you select in-game to activate it. This process is 100% off-line, no network connection required, I want to make sure the game still functions even if I get hit by a bus.

Future releases of the game will honor license keys generated for prior versions, except if your key is discovered leaked onto piracy websites; in which case, future releases of the game would stop accepting that license but older versions will still work.

Copyright © 2021 Noah Petherbridge.