Sketchy Maze currently uses a mouse and keyboard for inputs, but eventually will be usable from gamepad controllers, especially if it branches out and targets platforms other than desktop computers in the future.

The list of controls is also viewable in-game in the Settings Window, accessible from the title screen or the Edit->Settings menu of the editor. The controls can not be customized at this time.

Controls UI

During Gameplay#

While playing a level, the following keys are used to control the player character:

  • Left and Right arrow keys move the player left or right.
  • Up arrow to make the player jump.
  • Space Bar is used to "activate" certain doodads. Currently, only the Warp Doors require deliberate activation; Buttons and Switches activate automatically when the player character (or other mobile doodad) touches them.


See the Hotkeys page for shortcut keys, especially around the Level Editor feature.