Shortcut Keys#

Here are all the hotkeys/shortcuts used within Sketchy Maze.

Global Shortcuts#

Key Action
Escape Exit the application (after confirmation modal).
F1 Open the Guidebook (this site).
` Open the developer console

Editor Only#

Only while editing a level or doodad:

Key Action
Arrows Scroll the view of the level you're editing.
p Playtest the current level (press e to edit again)
d Open the Doodads window to drop them in your level
v Open a new Viewport window into your level
f Pencil Tool (freehand)
l Line Tool
r Rectangle Tool
c Ellipse Tool (circles)
x Eraser Tool
+= Zoom in
-_ Zoom out
1 Reset zoom
0 Scroll level back to origin (0,0)
Backspace Close the top-most popup window.
Shift+Backspace Close all popup windows.
Ctrl-N Create a new level
Ctrl-S Save the current drawing
Ctrl-O Open a drawing
Ctrl-Z Undo
Ctrl-Y Redo


Mouse gestures#

  • Middle-click + drag: pan scroll the level viewport.

Multi-touch gestures#

  • Two-finger drag: pan scroll the level viewport.

Gameplay Only#

Keyboard controls#

Key Action
Left or a Move the player character towards the left.
Right or d Move the player character towards the right.
Up or w Jump
Down or s Move the player downward (antigravity only)
e Return to the level editor


Touch controls#

  • Touch the "middle" of the screen to open Warp Doors or use other objects that the player character is nearby.
  • Touch anywhere left of that "middle" to move left, and touch right of that "middle" to move right.
  • Touch anywhere above that middle to jump. The left and right regions of the screen will jump and move in that direction.
  • For antigravity, touch anywhere below to move downward.