Drawing a Doodad In-Game#

Sketchy Maze has support for drawing your custom doodad sprites in-game, although for now you may find it more comfortable to use an external image editor instead.

To start a new doodad, open the game and enter the level editor. Select the "File -> New Doodad" menu at the top of the screen. You will be prompted for the square dimensions of your doodad (i.e. 100 for a 100x100 sprite) and you can begin editing.

Screenshot of the Doodad editor


A key difference between Levels and Doodads are that Doodad drawings can have multiple layers. For doodads these are used to store multiple frames of animation or different states, such as an opened vs. closed door.

Clicking the Lyr. button on the left toolbar or the "Tools -> Layers" menu will open the Layers window where you can switch your editor between layers, add and rename them. Layers can be toggled by the doodad's JavaScript code by index number or by name, so giving each layer a descriptive name is useful.

Doodads saved in-game go in your user config directory on your system.

Future Planned Features#

Creating doodads in-game is intended to be a fully supported feature. The following features are planned to be supported:

  • Implement some features only available on the doodad tool using in-game UI, such as attaching JavaScripts to the doodad.