Register Your Game#

Sketchy Maze is a free (shareware) game and is intended to be fully functional in its free form, but for buying the game and supporting the creator you can unlock some additional functionality to make custom content and modding much easier to do.

Visit the Sketchy Maze website for the latest information on how you can register your copy of the game and unlock these extra features.


When you register the game you will receive a License Key file. From the game's main menu, click on the Register button (or from the level editor, the Help->Register menu) and click to browse for your License Key file and select it.

The game handles activation completely off-line (signed JWT) and it's always yours and will always work for that version of the game at least. The developer reserves the right to revoke license keys with future releases of the game in case keys are leaked onto piracy websites -- but versions of the game which accept a key today will always activate with that key.


The notable features that registering your game will unlock (as of v0.10.0) include:

  • The ability to publish and play levels which embed custom doodads inside the .level data for easy transport to "just play" on another registered copy of the game.
  • And by extension, the ability to play a custom Level Pack which embeds custom doodads.

The free version of the game can use custom doodads: if the player copies the .doodad files into their profile directory they will appear in the Level Editor and will work in levels that ask for those doodads. Players can share custom levels and custom doodads, but the player needs to manage these files by hand. The features unlocked so far allow levels to just ship with their doodads and "just work" when you download and play their .level file, and Level Packs can do the same.